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Nox、「原神」もプレイできるAndroid 9対応エミュレータ

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全世界で愛されているAndroidエミュレーター「NoxPlayer 」をTGSで体験!

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NoxPlayer Android Emulator Beta Launched: First Android 9 Emulator

Android 9 support allows NoxPlayer to run games like Genshin Impact, Rising of the Shield Hero, and Sky: Children of the Light. These are newer games and require Android 8 or higher versions to run.

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Enjoy mobile games on your PC with NoxPlayer

Naturally, the evolution of mobile games has led to a growth in the audience, and a desire to experience these games on bigger screens.

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How to Play Android Games on Your PC Using NoxPlayer

NoxPlayer is a free Android emulator that includes a massive selection of tools that can be used to create a great Android gaming experience on your PC.

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